October’s Best Bet is as always – THE RUNNING of THE BULL REDS!

October is a great month to head out into the outdoors for just about anything. I’m already enjoying the cooler temperatures that come with this month. Let’s see there’s hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and all the Fall Festivals; just to name a few activities that will increase over the next 4 months.

Well let’s see if I can help with that decision. October’s Best Bet is as always – THE RUNNING of THE BULL REDS! Yes this is the month that thousands – hundreds of thousands of these beautiful fish make their way out of the depths of the Gulf of Mexico and head to the passes along the Gulf coast in preparation for their annual spawn. Remember to handle these fish with care; it’s all catch and release, land the fish get a picture revive and release promptly.

Fly fisherman from all over the world come to our area to experience high numbers of chances at and to successfully land several of these oversized beasts. The light tackle fisherman will also have the opportunity fulfill one of his bucket list items. I don’t know of any other place in the world that an angler can go to and find this many Bull Redfish at one time than right here along the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida.

There’s gonna still be a fair number of Spanish and Kings around, till the water temperature gets below their comfort zone and they start their migration back south. You’ll have lots of fun and some good eating also.

That’s not the only thing we have to look forward to…. This is the month that the Flounder will start ganging up along the beaches deep structure around the passes and on the near shore reefs in preparation of their annual spawn. Now is the time for the flat fish fisherman to get a nice bag of Flounder for the freezer.
One other bonus for us this fall the FWC has opened a weekend Trigger fish season for four days in Florida state waters on Oct. 7, 8, 14, and 15; 2 per person per day 14 inch minimum length to the fork. Weather permit I’ll be out there thinning the herd a little.

As always there is a lot more going on; oh my – the food is awesome!!!!!!! I just can’t wait — Can you tell I’m getting excited just writing about it?

So come on over , even if you’re not coming to go fishing come have some fun, food, music, excellent weather, beautiful water and of course our award winning white sand beaches!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Capt Eddie

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