Highly Sought After Pensacola Bay Speckled Trout! April’s Best Bet

Pensacola Bay Speckled TroutOur Pensacola Bay Speckled Trout bite is gonna be really picking up during the month of April. It’s time for their first spawn to start happening and this puts the big females up in the shallow water, which makes them a lot easier to catch. Please remember DO NOT kill these big breeder fish. There are plenty of fish in the 15 to 20 inch slot. I’ll handle them with care, take a picture and release them. These fish are our future to a good and healthy population of Specks!

You’ll catch most of your better fish on big live shrimp. What’s the reason why you ask; it’s because they don’t have to exert any energy to catch and eat a big live shrimp. While these big female fish are staging in the deeper water adjacent to the grass flats in preparation for their spawn, live shrimp are plentiful and this is one of their main food sources. Don’t worry if you can’t find any live shrimp – artificial baits will catch fish also. Use big dog walking top water plugs early and sub-surface jerk minnows and shrimp type lures after the sun gets up good.

Slot Redfish will be found in Santa Rosa Sound from Pensacola to Destin. Grass flats and docks will produce fish. I’ll find fish in real shallow water, 2 foot or less, sometimes big schools of 20 to 50 fish. Use gold spoons on the flats, make long cast and be quiet. These fish in shallow water are real spooky! Then go to live bait around the docks, especially after the sun gets high overhead. These fish will seek the shade cast from the docks.

Pensacola Bay Speckled Trout, Santa Rosa Sound Slot Redfish, and more are biting in April

Big Spanish are showing up by the droves. You can catch these fish in the five to seven pound range consistently. If you put a big Spanish to the end of a 10 pound test spinning outfit or an 8 weight fly rod, you got yourself some fun. I’ll use the smaller chug bugs on the calm days and ¾ ounce casting spoons. Color doesn’t matter as long as it’s chrome!

Crevalle Jack and Bull Redfish can be found sight fishing along the beach. Cast a SPRO PRIME BUCKTAIL JIG, 1 oz. Magic Bus color to the Red Fish and big top water Chug Plugs to the Jacks. Better tackle up for the Jacks – they are mighty powerful Fish!

Pompano are stacked up on the beach. Use sand fleas on a Pompano rig or standard Pompano jigs to catch these tasty speedsters.

Capt. Eddie

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