Pensacola Fishing

Pensacola Fishing

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You can’t get better fishing than Pensacola Fishing! And when fishing is done, the Pensacola area has many fine restaurants, beaches and historical landmarks you’ll find interesting as well.

Pensacola Beach is an unincorporated community located on Santa Rosa Island, a barrier island, in Escambia County Florida. It is situated south of Pensacola, connected via bridges spanning to the Fairpoint Peninsula and then to the island, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola Beach occupies land bound by a 1947 deed from the United States Department of Interior, it states that it be administered in the public interest by the county or leased, but never “disposed”; the entire island was initially owned by the Federal Government. In order to promote infrastructure and growth on the island, the Federal Government leased the lands now encompassing Pensacola Beach to the Santa Rosa Island Authority (SRIA) who in turn has leased the property to homeowners. As a result, all structures on the island have 99 year renewable leases with the SRIA rather than ownership of the land itself.

In 1559, Don Tristan de Luna y Arellano led the first settlement of the region. His 11 ships, with 1500 settlers, anchored in the bay and established its colony on the site of today’s Naval Air Station Pensacola. A hurricane decimated the colony a few weeks later, killing hundreds and sinking 5 ships. Suffering long-term famine and fighting the elements, this first settlement was finally abandoned in 1561.

Pensacola Beach for many years remained largely undeveloped. A casino was constructed on the island (at the present day location of Casino Beach) where a variety of special events including beauty pageants, fishing tournaments and boxing matches were held from the 30s through 50s.

While generally cooler than most of peninsular Florida, Pensacola Beach maintains a more stable temperature year round than inland areas of Pensacola and Escambia County. As such, winter lows are several degrees warmer than Pensacola proper and summer highs are generally cooler as a result of the surrounding waters. As with many islands, Pensacola Beach enjoys sea breezes which begin around sunrise and sunset each day, particularly in the summer.

Pensacola Beach Fishing and other fun Attractions!

The Boardwalk is on the Santa Rosa Sound side of the island, directly across from Casino Beach. Retail shops, restaurants, nightclubs, street musicians and sidewalk artists line it. The Boardwalk has a large sea shell stage where concerts are held several times a year. Behind it, there is a silent beach except for the sounds of seagulls, and children making sand castles. Most events are held here, including The Lobster Fest, Bushwacker Fest, and the Independence Day fireworks display.

Fort Pickens was completed in 1834 and used until WWII, when modern weapons made traditional coastal defense obsolete. Fort Pickens has changed over the years, so take the self-guided tour and peel back the layers of history. You’ll see the plaster-lined rooms that were intended as officers’ quarters, and later used to house Apache prisoners. The most famous resident, Geronimo, lived in identical rooms along the south wall, which have since collapsed. Fort Pickens now houses an auditorium, a museum, and a visitor’s center offering information about the area.

The Fort itself is only part of the National Seashore’s attractions: the boundary’s stretch seven miles. Fodor’s rates Ft. Pickens’ beaches the best in Florida. So whether you take the bike trail or the highway, you’ll find campgrounds, nature trails, and miles and miles of protected beaches perfect for sand dollar and sea shell hunting.

There are an abundance of places to eat on Pensacola Beach and the city of Pensacola. Peg Leg Pete’s is one of my favorite places to eat on Pensacola Beach. They are located at 1010 Fort Pickens Road three miles west of the boardwalk. You can also get there by boat via Lafitte Cove. They have plenty of dock space for your boat. For a taste of old town Florida visit Paradise Inn grill located at 21 Via De Luna Drive. This is one of the oldest Inns on the Pensacola Beach. They have live music, outdoor seating and the food is great. For the latest upscale restaurant visit the Grand Marlin, fine dining at its best here.

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